Angel’s Story

Okay here it goes….I went wheat free in 2011. My decision to do so was because for as long as I could remember I would get violently ill after I ate. I never thought it could be wheat. I had my gallbladder out at 19, and thought that was the problem.

After some convincing from my sister and some friends, I decided to stop eating wheat. It was hard at first as I loved sandwiches. But guess what? I no longer got sick!! For the first time since I was a teenager I was no longer sick. It was a great feeling. I started to just feel generally better, more clear headed, no longer sluggish. I started making sandwiches with lettuce instead of bread. Which is actually nice. I substituted gluten free pasta for regular when we wanted pasta at home.

When I cook for my family it’s always gluten free. They don’t seem to mind as it still taste the same. There is still bread in the house and I make sandwiches every morning for my kids. Bread is actually the only thing I buy with wheat in it. Everything else is now wheat free. My oldest is pretty much wheat free, but the rest of my family doesn’t want to be. I no longer have any problems having wheat products in the house. I don’t eat any of them or have any cravings for them. I don’t substitute a lot food for gluten free foods. But it is nice to have a gluten free brownie every so often.

If you are starting out going gluten free, good for you! Don’t give in to the easy way of eating. (Ex: Fast food restaurants, a quick bagel in the morning, that sort of stuff. ) If having gluten products in your house is hard, then remove them. If you have a family unwilling to try gluten free with you don’t worry. If you are the shopper in the family, like me, then just buy gluten free products to replace a few in the house. (Ex: cereal or pasta) I never buy crackers or cookies and more. Snacks are fresh fruit, cheese, and occasionally I’ll make a gluten free treat.

There does neeWheat Free Journeyd to be a lot of will power on your part.

Look for groups to join.

Read labels of things you buy like sauces or dressings. Lots of those contain wheat. It will get easier with time. Do not give up!”

The most important thing is you need to have someone on board to help. My sister and I have done this together, but guess what? My sister lives on the other side of the country.