How To Stay Motivated When Progress Is Slow

I haven’t weighed myself in a couple months. The last time I did, I was disappointed by the results at first. I had hoped for a bigger loss. I moped about it for a few minutes and reminded myself of something I told myself long ago.

Every pound lost is a pound to celebrate.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It happens with steady, consistency over a long period of time. That’s what I’ve learned in my weight loss journey. I didn’t gain this baby weight overnight, and I won’t lose it overnight either.

This is especially true since I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby. No judgment on moms who formula feed. This is a choice I’ve made and it works for me and my family. (Although it makes weight loss excruciatingly slow)

So what can you do to stay motivated? How can you keep yourself from having a pity party with a pint of ice cream?

Here are 5 ways I stay motivated when I’m losing weight:

  1. Celebrate Success
  2. Take Pictures
  3. Go Easy On Yourself
  4. Remember How Far You’ve Already Come
  5. It’s not just about the weight

Celebrate Success

The key word here is celebrate. Have a mini party, pamper yourself in some way, tell people with excitement. I know that no one wants to hear about you losing 1 pound. But if you’ve lost 5 and you haven’t been able to in a long time, tell someone who cares. Someone who will be excited for you. Even if it’s strangers who read your blog or that you connect with online.

Take Pictures

I can’t stress this one enough. Pictures are an incredible motivator. It took me 3 years to lose my initial 130 pounds. 3. YEARS. Pictures got me through when the scale wouldn’t budge for months. So yes, take them and take them regularly. I didn’t do measurements, but these are also valuable. Sometimes the scale may not move for a while especially if you’re doing something to build muscle mass.

Go Easy On Yourself

Look, just because you caved and ate a cupcake, doesn’t make you an idiot, unworthy, un-valuable, stupid, lazy, or an otherwise awful person. It’s a cupcake. Move on and make a better choice next time (you know, like a gluten free/dairy free/Paleo cupcake instead).

Remember How Far You’ve Already Come

This is where those photos come in handy. Look, I’ve been struggling with weight issues my entire life. It takes a lot to come to the place where you really love yourself no matter your weight. Having 2 more babies post amazing weight loss has really tested me in this area. While I may not love my size right now, I look back at what I’ve been able (through the grace of God) to accomplish, and I am amazed. The fact is, I’m still on the journey.

I remember being 270ish pounds and how I felt in that body. I don’t want to go back.

It’s Not Just About the Weight

It’s about living a life that is honoring to God. It’s about caring for my body. It’s about having the energy to play with my 3 amazing kids, and to love my husband. The weight loss is great, but means nothing without a life of purpose.

What is it you feel called to do? Is your health keeping you from it? Why not make a change and start today.


Paleo Kristi

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