Gluten Free is Not Just for Celiacs

There’s a common misconception that you must have certain symptoms to benefit from going gluten free or even going Paleo. There are even whole articles that try to deter people from even bothering with it unless they have certain symptoms (typically stomach issues, and only if they are referred by a doctor).

The last I checked, I am the only person responsible for my health. Good or bad. I am the only person who can decide what I will or will not eat. I don’t need a doctor to tell me that an apple is more nutritious than a cupcake.

So why wait for a diagnosis, when you can make changes for yourself?

I myself am not a nutrition expert, but I do know this:

A gluten free and Paleo lifestyle did something that no other “calories in, calories out” approach could do in my life. It allowed me to get to a healthy weight and maintain it (except of course when I’m having babies).

I’ve been an obese runner, and I’ve been a healthy weight walker.

I’ve killed myself at the gym to no avail.

What going gluten free did for me cannot be accounted for in a “placebo” effect. Because if that were the case, those other methods would have been a success long ago.

Here’s a quick testimonial from a good friend of mine who went fully gluten free at the beginning of the year:

Today I hit a major goal. I am officially 20 lbs down since January 1. At the beginning of January I went fully gluten free due to digestive issues I was having related to wheat.

At the beginning of February I read a book called the Wahl’s Protocol. It’s a food lifestyle specifically researched for people with auto immune. It mostly about getting the vitamins and minerals we need through our food and not supplements and not filling up on calories that aren’t good for us. So I removed fast food entirely, began eating 6-9 cups of fruits and veggies a day (mostly veggies) and limited greatly the dairy I eat and the grains I eat, and when I eat grains it’s gluten free.

I also bought a treadmill and starting walking with occasional jogging and some weights, but not crazy exercise. I do walk everyday.

Since I started all of these changes I have felt better, had less digestive issues, more energy, lost 20 lbs, backed off one of my autoimmune meds by half and hoping to be fully taken off soon. It wasn’t easy but it’s what I needed to do to start discovering what health was for me.

Her autoimmune condition makes it very difficult to lose weight, so 20 pounds down, plus improved energy levels, and a decrease in meds is AMAZING! I’m so proud of the choices she made to do the hard thing. And I praise God for the good report in her health.

I am not telling anyone to stop taking their meds and then go gluten free. Please don’t do that. I am pointing out that the benefits of Paleo could help anyone. It’s not just for those with Celiac disease.

Give it a go, try a Whole 30, or try our method. But commit and see what happens.

Paleo Kristi

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