Feel Beautiful Now

I have to admit, there are days I don’t love my post-partum body. I mean, I love it, but I don’t love the way it looks, or feels, or jiggles. It’s hard to go from a small size for the first time in your life back to a large size. It’s hard to feel the weight (literally) of being heavier again.

Those old voices rear their ugly head to tell me I’m not beautiful like this. I hear those old messages replaying in my mind that try to get me to doubt my self-worth, my beauty and my value.

First of all my value is found in Christ. That’ll never change.

I may not be beautiful by worldly standards, but forget that, their standards change ALL the time.

I mean c’mon, haven’t you seen those paintings of women from Medieval Europe?

They’re beautiful with their curves and plump figures. That was the ideal woman back then.

Hard to believe, right?

I took this picture of myself last week, and I love it. I feel beautiful in this photo, and I think it shows.

I’m not trying to be narcissistic. I’m trying to tell you that no matter where you are in your health journey, you can feel beautiful now.

Because you are beautiful.

My body may be far from that size small, but that’s an arbitrary thing that doesn’t determine my beauty or my worth.

So feel beautiful now. I do. Especially with this photo.

P.S. Down 5 lbs from the last weigh in. Yay 195!


Paleo Kristi

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