Paleo and Pregnant Part 2 Sugar Detox

Ok, I have a another confession to make. Although I eat a mostly Paleo diet, I do occasionally have processed sugar from time to time. However, with this pregnancy, I have discovered how bad the consequences of my choices are when I eat it.

The things I’ve struggled the most with this pregnancy is pain in my back, varicose veins, and wanting to eat junk. I feel he must be a boy, because all I want is cheese and baked goods, which sounds like my pregnancy with my son.

So much for Paleo, right?

Thankfully, I’ve managed to get back on course, aside from a few weeks of binging on frosting and gluten free baked goods here and there, and of course holiday binging.

You may be asking, Why not eat a little bit of sugar? Well, here are the top 5 reasons why sugar is bad.
1. Inflammation. You remember those varicose veins I told you about? Well, when I eat sugar, the inflammation in my body gets so bad that the veins throb and hurt no matter what I do. Even the smallest bit of processed sugar sets me off. Not to mention more pregnancy swelling,

2. Weight gain. When you’re pregnant, women tend to be a little more insulin resistant, meaning, your body really really likes to store fat. When sugar is present, insulin rises, leading to the potential for fat storage.

3. Sugar crashes. Oh the nausea. And headaches. And cravings.

4. Heatburn. Ok, maybe more like fire reflux from the devil himself. but seriously, who gets heartburn from sugar? I guess I do.

5. No nutritional value. Gotta eat what’s good for me and the baby…most of the time.

So here’s to sugar detoxing for the hundred millionth time!


Paleo Kristi

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