New Years Resolutions With a Twist

It’s that time again.

The time of year where we resolve to break all of our bad habits, solve world hunger, and get rich fast.

Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I hope you get my point. How many New Years’ Resolutions have you made and failed?

How many have you made and succeeded at?

Let’s try something new this year.

Instead of making a resolution, let’s make goals.

And instead of making them for the whole year, let’s start with manageable chunks.

And instead of making a ton of them all at once, let’s start with 1-3. Okay?

What’s the difference between a resolution and goal? 

  • A resolution is vague, while a goal is specific.
  • A resolution is a dream or wish, while a goal is actionable.
  • A resolution is doomed to fail, while goals are possible.

Are you still with me? Are you ready to start? 

What are your top 3 resolutions for the year? Write them down. No really, I’ll wait.

Let’s use this example so you can see what I mean:

My resolution is to get healthier, lose some weight, and be a better person.

What does that even mean? Let’s get specific, or you’re going to fall flat on your face.

  1. Change “I resolve to get healthier” to something like: I will give up all sugar and soda.
  2. Change “I want to lose some weight” to: I will lose 40 pounds (assuming this is a healthy goal)
  3. Change “I want to be a better person” to: I will volunteer at my favorite local charity 2x/month.

Once you’ve created specific goals, let’s give them a realistic deadline.

  1. Over the next 30 days, I will remove all foods that contain processed sugar from my diet.
  2. I will lose 40 pounds over the course of 1 year.
  3. I will apply to become a volunteer by Friday of this week.

Next, let’s look at HOW you will do this.

  1. I will replace sugary foods with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, and I will replace soda with ice water and lemon water. This means I need to buy a good water bottle that I can take everywhere, and I need fresh lemons or fresh lemon juice to have on hand.
  2. I will walk 15 minutes per day on my breaks, and I will do resistance training, boydweight exercises at home for 20 minutes 3x/week. (Also see #1)
  3. I will go to the location to pick up an application and ask questions about volunteer opportunities. I will look at my schedule to ensure I clear at least 2 time slots for my volunteer activities.

If you’re on our blog, you may be ready to jump in to a Paleo lifestyle already. When it comes to switching your to Paleo, you’ll find that committing for 30 days to start is a manageable chunk. By giving yourself a committed timeline, you won’t feel so overwhelmed by thinking of this as a forever life right away. My guess is, you’ll feel so amazing you won’t want to go back to your old lifestyle, and you’ll continue on it longer.

To find out how we suggest switching to Paleo, take a look at our Getting Started Guides Part 1 and Part 2.

Tell us your New Years Goals, and how you plan to accomplish them. Let us know how we can help!

Happy New Year!

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