Chicken Salad 4 Ways

It might just be me, but I enjoy chicken salad. It’s a simple dish, with easy to find ingredients. Plus, it’s not hard to make Paleo versions of if you’re just switching to this way of eating.

I’ve gathered our 4 favorite Paleo chicken salad recipes for you to take a look at. Try one, or try them all, but let us know which one you liked best!14805410_1287734671266461_285930933_n

Grandma’s Chicken Salad Gone Paleo

Growing up, my grandma would make chicken soup and chicken salad all the time. It was a simple recipe, but just thinking about her and this dish brings a smile to my face.

She would cut up cucumbers and iceberg lettuce, and have the salad on white toast.

When I moved away, I tried to make her chicken salad on my own. Sadly, I’ve only gotten it right one time. This recipe comes close though, so I hope you enjoy it’s simplicity.

Paleo Bacon Chicken Salad

I have a feeling that there are many of you who share my sentiment, “Everything is better with bacon”. I don’t need to say much more about this recipe, other than that.

Paleo Pineapple Thai Curry Chicken Salad

I use the word “love” a lot when I’m talking about food don’t I? Well, let me be more accurate. Thai food for me is a whole body experience. I enjoy the smell of it when I walk into a good Thai restaurant; the beautiful colors of the curries, salads, and desserts; the blend of flavors; and the heat of the spices as they hit my mouth. Just thinking about a good Thai curry, makes me think, “mmmmm”.

So in one of my recent pregnancy cravings, all I could think about was pineapple curry. I had planned to make a different chicken salad dish that day, but I had an “Aha” moment. What if I made a curry chicken salad? It was a risk for sure, but one I was willing to make.

Paleo Almond Chicken Salad

This is a slight modification of a friend’s recipe. The first time I had it, it was like a taste explosion. Granted I ate it on a croissant, but that’s aside from the point. This is a great Paleo chicken salad option for a hot day, cold day, or really just any day.

But don’t eat it on a croissant if you’re trying to go Paleo. Unless you have a recipe for a Paleo croissant, in which case, please send me the recipe, and a dozen pre-cooked ones.

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